Samenhang, EEA UK Exhibition

Participating artists:
Frederic Cybulski (BE), Marguerite Leudet (FR), Timo Vaittinen (FI), Johann Arens (DE), Floris Bovee (NL), Danitsja van Dijk (NL), Stefan Ruitenbeek (NL), Aukje Dekker (NL), Anssi Pulkkinen (NL), Inger Alfnes (NO), Hanne Maren Meldahl (NO), Anna Rokka (SW), Andy Corlett (UK), Oliver Salmon (UK), John Burtle (USA)
Exhibition website

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EEA Exhibition in Leeds, UK, February 09

Calling for Submissions

There will be an Exhibition in Leeds from 6th-13th February involving work from former participants of the EEA. The show, which is planned to open on 6th February 2009 with a set up period from the 31st Jan, will be a week long event and will take place at MAP Gallery in the centre of Leeds. The space is a large former industrial building which offers scope for a variety of interpretations. The Building is also used to teach young people art and music and there will be an opportunity to run one hour workshops during the day. For more information please email:


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EEA08 Final Exhibition

The Battle of Art

Participating artists:

Aboozar Amini (AF/NL)
Ronald Philippus Bal (NL)
Rose van Bergen (BE)
Alicja Bielawska (PO)
Roos Blogg (NL)
Floris Boveé (NL)
John Burtle (USA)
Sarah Charalambides (GR/NL)
Megan Collins (USA)
Frédéric Cybulski (BE)
Jake Davidson (USA)
Ramon Eding (NL)
Eeva-Riitta Eerola (FI)
Alex Farrar (UK)
Sarah Gerats (NL)
Justin Gosker (CA/NL)
Berthel van het Goor (NL)
Monika Hopland (NO)
Tom de Jong (NL)
Julian Jung (DE)
Fela Kim (NL)
Marguerite Leudet de La Vallée (FR)
Li-Wei Lin (TW)
Henrik Loesing (DE)
Joe Lopez Smith (UK)
Harry Meadley (UK)
Hanne Maren Meldahl (NO)
Maria Michailidou (GR)
Sara van den Oever (NL)
Hannah Perry (UK)
Marike Pool (NL)
Louis Rangecroft (UK)
Zoe Kate Reddy (IRL)
Sybren Renema (NL)
Anna Rokka (SE)
Oliver Salmon (UK)
Iona Smith (UK)
Weronika Stepien (USA)
Princess Sir Toby of Sweden (SE)
Krista van der Wilk (NL)
Timmy van Zoelen (NL)
Marieke Warmelink (NL)
Lydia Woort (NL)

European Exchange Academy
Academy Building B3
Straße nach Fichtenwalde
14547 Beelitz-Heilstätten

Please click here for more information on our location and directions.

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The EEA-ASA Mini Film-Festival night

On the night of the 4th of July the art space on the Rokin will be transformed into a cinema, in which a variety of moving images made by advisors and former participants of the EEA will be shown.
Ping ponging between all the extremes the big screen has to offer, we will show you a rich programme of 14 short video’s and films. From classic romantic film to disturbing cult video, from clay animation to dance clip, from video art to documentary, from commercial to hardcore reality.

The doors will open at 20.30 o’clock

Participating film-makers:
Andrew Corlett
Irma Oldenburg
Frederik Gruyaert
Fraser Stewart
Hans Diemel
Fabienne Zuidwijk
Dafna Maimon & Jonas Sjöwall Haxø
Andreas Lycke
Roonak Ghoseiri
Nir Nadler & Chaja Hertog
Danny Macguiness
Marleen poot
Willehad Eilers
Linda bannink
Irma Oldenburg
Constant Dullaart

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European Exchange Academy at Kunstvlaai A.P.I

Pump up the Jam
This year the EEA will once again have a stand at the Kunstvlaai A.P.I.
For this special occasion Finnish pro-wrestler Timo Vaittinen and the Dutch tangram expert Wouter van der Sluijs will join forces and Pump up the Jam on a monumental scale.

Opening: 10/5/08 . 16:00 – 19.00
Open: 11/05/08 – 18/5/08 12:00 – 18:00

Westergasfabriek – Zuiveringshal

Kunstvlaai A.P.I
Click here for the photo’s

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