EEA Turkey, Cunda – Open call for participants

Taking place: April 17 – May 8, 2012

Building on years of experience from European Exchange Academy-Germany, Beelitz,
which has been organised outside Berlin each year for the past decade, the EEA is
proud to present: EEA-Turkey, Cunda.

A brand new intensive course for emerging young artists in training at art academies and universities in Europe and beyond. Who are working towards developing concepts and creating projects, and want to provide these with a philosophical and artistic fundament.

Motivated by a personal search related to a concept/project, this course offers insights from, among others, philosophy, art history, history and society in relation to visual art at the level of personal development.

The program

The program of EEA12-Turkey revolves around the notion that the single most important knowledge an artist can posses is the understanding of his or her own practice. Without this understanding, acquired skills – be it technical or theoretical – will remain isolated entities. At best, and with a good portion of luck, these skills will result in sporadic successful works of art. By obtaining an under- standing of their own practice, young artists are able to recognize and make better use of their strengths, and work on their weaknesses. And most importantly, the young artist will be able to merge his or her different skills and fields of interest into a coherent and sustainable practice, while maintaining his or her diversity and individuality.

The main focus and goal of EEA12-Turkey is to assist the participants in acquiring the theoretical and practical tools needed to obtain this understanding. We acknowledge the fact that the path to gaining these insights are, and must be, unique to each participant. This said, there are aspects that all artists have to relate to.

Together with the fellow participants and advisors, the students will be encouraged to find out how they relate to these individual and shared aspects. They will be encouraged to investigate how they can shape and sharpen their approach into a methodology. This methodology then serves as a HQ or home base, from where different campaigns can be launched. Having this secure platform provides the creative process with a more relaxed state of, while providing the confidence to experiment and take risks when developing works and the methodology itself.

For extensive information on EEA-TURKEY, please visit:

Please note: The application period for EEA12-TR has closed.

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